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Final Setup For Monochromatic White On White Shoot.


This is the final setup for my monochromatic white on white photo shoot. The white lamp shade on a white background was quite a challenge. I used two strobes, one was put on the right side of the lamp shade set at 177 watt/sec and aimed right at it so I could pump the light right thru the shade, the other light was on the left side with a soft box set at 31 watt/ sec, in order to fill in the shadows, I still had to use a reflector on the left towards the back of the light table to fill in some leftover shadows. The incidental light meter reading was taken from two different angles, one from the soft box and the other aimed at the shade side, opposite the light. The soft box read f22 and the shade side read f11, so I set the 4×5 camera to f16@ 1/125, I did a 3 shot bracket I wanted to keep the aperture at f16 so I adjusted the lights to get the desired equivalent of f11.75,f16, and f16.25, I shot in 1/4 stop increments due to it being a white subject on a white background and not wanting to blow out the details.With the soft box strobe not being able to go lower than 31 watt/sec I had to move it back in order to get the desired f11.75 setting. Here are a couple of photos I found inspirational from this website




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