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Nikon Announces The New D3200 24MP!

This new entry into the DSLR field is astonishing at the $700.00 price point. The new Nikon D3200 has 24.2 MP sensor and shoots 1080P video at 30,25 and 24 fps, it also has an iso range of 50-12800. This is amazing to me that Nikon has decided to push the MP race as high as they can, being a Canon shooter and remembering not too long ago that these two companies had opposite views on Mega Pixels, Nikon was focusing on low light performance and Canon was pushing the MP envelope. Now with the introduction of the D800 at 36MP and now their entry level camera the D3200 at 24MP it seems Nikon has chosen to really go after the MP, in addition to catching up to Canon on the video end. It will be interesting to see Canon’s response to the aggressive Mega-MP approach of Nikon. Whatever the response is, in the end it means better photo/video tools for us all. Exciting !


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