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Canon Announces New 60Da Camera!


Canon just announced the new Canon 60Da. The “a” stands for astro photography, meaning that Canon has decided to provide a camera for a niche market that is interested in photographing the heavens. Canon has made this camera more sensitive to infrared light, this is very handy when doing astrophotography due to certain the light emitted from some stars is in the infrared frequency, which is beyond the visible spectrum. Digital cameras are very sensitive to infrared light and most manufacturers have to put IR filters to keep the red light from distorting the images we want to take in everyday activities. The specs of the 60Da are essentially the same as the 60D, with the exception of the IR filter that normally blocks out the infrared light, it has been altered to be three times more sensitive to this IR spectrum, giving it a desired feature for astrophotography or for those that like to do IR photography; I would be one of the latter. The price is about $500.00 more, at $1499.00 retail, street price will probably be a little less. Check it out if you are interested in any of these activities, keep in mind that you will need an IR filter to use this camera for normal everyday photography.  


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